Dynamic Interactions

An interactive hover-and-touch model of the “unseen sun.” Lorne Covington.

This kind of interaction between the user and the camera, which tracks the hand movements, is a one to one relationship. If one can imagine there being another person on the other side of that screen, what kind of conversation between the two people is possible? That is, two people could simultaneously interact with the projection independently. The information displayed could potentially becoming more layered, enhancing the visual and social experience mediated by the screen. What could be further explored is a hybridization of tactile reality and virtual reality. The screen itself could react to the physical touch of the finger,
making an indention that can be felt by the other person.


2 thoughts on “Dynamic Interactions

  1. Exactly! I’ve already been working on the multi-site multi-person interactivity, where the screen becomes a shared play/art space. I’ve done effectively the same thing already in the “Dancing Light Theater” at the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology by having the screen translucent so people can be on both sides, and interacting through the screen. When the remote people are represented as well, it becomes eerily real, I think owing to having the screen in one’s personal space instead of having to stand back from it. I new installation in the works will tie two or more remote sites together in the same fashion.

    Much is being made now about VR headsets as the path to immersion and presence, but very much the same thing can happen using view-filling screens – plus you can see your hands. Love the tactile idea! It’s non-trivial, but hmmmmm….


    • That’s fantastic! I look forward to seeing the integration of remote sites in your work.

      As an architecture student, tactility is explored primarily through textures of materials used, so what if screens had a texture or left behind an indentations that can be read?

      Well thank you for the update on your work– it’s inspirational!


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