Panoramic Present & Future

It is said we are dust. but are we?

It is said we will return to dust, but what if everything were a dream? What if dust were smoke?

We have conquered the void, or is it the void that has conquered us?

The set up of this installation is what allows for an immersion and simultaneously a connection to the physicality of the space. The use of a chair and props on the table is where the viewer can be reminded of reality while being taken through the journey of a virtual one. An essential prop is the pencil and the blank sheet of paper, which seems to invite some collaboration between the projected drawings and the viewer.

The Dreams of Everyday Life

A diagram of a sub-reality

There are actually two rooms: the screen room and then the architect’s room in the center. There is the space that projects a dream, and there’s a space for the interpretation of the dream through the recollection of history. The space is like a Russian nesting doll.


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