The Blind Prophet

The blind prophet lives in a room with one window. As a conduit of visions from a distant future, the blind prophet sees what others cannot. The dream-visions overlay with imagery of everyday life outside the window. A crowd of people, in a lit form, follows the prophet. It lights dark alleys and empty rooms in people’s houses. The lit shape is a ghost of the future, haunting the corridors of the past. The blind prophet writes down conversations and draws images upon waking up from the dreams.

Are these visions a curse? Why do they matter if no one else can see them? The blind prophet yearns to live in the dream world, unsatisfied with everyday life. The blind prophet decides to lock the door, sit down at the desk, and stare through the window. The strange lights in the darkness began to attract the neighborhood. A crowd congregates outside the door. At last, all could see what the blind prophet sees.


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