Claude Ledoux: The All Seeing Eye

Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Eye enclosing the theatre at Besançon (L’oeil réfléchissant le théâtre de Besançon). Bibliotheque Des Arts Decoratifs Paris. 1800. Etching.

Architect Claude Ledoux’s eye calls upon the inner genius, the mind’s eye, which constructs and analyses our reality, as the progenitor of image.

The light comes from the lit theatre, through the eye, into the mind, and then out again in a projection. The eye is a receiver and a transmitter of information. This image emphasizes the transmission, as it is the eye that is enclosing the space and not the other way around.

If I look carefully at someone, then what I see is a reflection of myself and my surroundings on the pupils of their eyes. The interaction is static.

What if what we see is challenged or interfered with in conversation? I don’t want to add a lens which will properly reflect reality back to me; amazing graphics is like eye candy. What I want to see are the invisible transmissions and the interruptions to them: a meta-dialogue happening before my eyes.


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