Fear and Love

The heading of the article, Do We Need to Protect Ourselves, referenced in the above image, is a question on how quickly technology has become a part of our everyday lives , and its effects on our health. The question is not whether technology is good or bad; clearly, people’s use of technology is more of about efficiency and convenience and access than questions about the ethical and moral implications of a technologically determined society. People are more concerned with how it will manifest in their everyday lives, in terms of economy and lifestyle.

If it is true that it is cheaper to have a virtual thing than a real one, much like having a well-made copy of an original, then it is easy to assume that a proliferation of the virtual thing could be associated with the quality of the thing. Although the truth is that technology that is used in everyday  life has evolved to look more efficient, the topics are more about its look and less about its impact.

So inadvertently, people are concerned about this “impact” that technology may have beyond the immediate rewards. What’s exciting about the above image, which traces currents from magnetic fields through the body, is that our senses can indeed pick up acute changes in our environment. For some people, this may involve illness, as they may indeed be hypersensitive to external stimulus. Another example of this is the experience of pilgrimage to religious or spiritual sites, and feeling light-headed due to the latent “energy” embedded in the site.

The critique may be that these unseen factors are not so easily controllable due to their proliferation, and so may cause harm; what’s to be further investigated is people’s awareness of these unseen factors and trying to relate to them.


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