Dunne & Raby: Hertzian Tales

Screenshot 2014-10-18 13.20.13


1. Faraday Chair: As electronic products escape their cases and leak into the space surrounding them, it might become necessary for people to seek shelter in specially constructed non-radio spaces or negative radios. To shield our homes would be a luxury only the rich could afford. The Faraday Chair provides shelter from electromagnetic fields invading our homes. It is a utilitarian shelter of minimum dimensions and comfort, it might even be a retreat, a new place to dream, away from the constant bombardment of telecommunication and electronic radiation.

2. The Pillow is an abstract radio for encouraging an awareness of the local electroclimate, a bit like weather equipment. It responds to changes in the local radio frequency environment within a range of 200 m, picking up mobile phones, pagers, walkie-talkies and even baby monitoring devices. It questions notions of privacy — although the person listening to conversations is a social invader, the radiation from the phone call is invading their home and body.

Interruption is seen through the lens of privacy here. Surveillance is also the major topic. Conversations from neighbors heard through the Pillow could invade our dreams, immersing ourselves in present realities. Transmission and rejection of information through everyday objects alter the way people live their lives, and potentially, the dreams they have at night.


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