Window Perception

“Gwenn Thomas’ freestanding architectural fragments combine sculptural frames with shaped photos of doors and windows in a way that questions our perception of photographic imagery, particularly when and how it recalls experiences of lived space.  Here windows are the oculus  – the world viewed from inside the body from the seat of the brain located behind the eye.  The content of the shots — window frames, exterior and interior architectural spaces — represent portals into another dimension. Thomas’ photos close framing and glossy window like surface, has the presence of and is itself both a picture and an interpretation of an object.”

Accentuating the frame establishes a border between a rich contextual photograph and perceptions of space. The moment the frame is dissolved, the image is what is perceived. This experience is the edges of the image and the frame blurring together. The portals dissolve too, and with it comes an awareness that these portals zones of information that are transmitted from our memories, and in some cases, from outside entities.


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