Pixel-Space in Censored, Encoded Environments

“A digital image is nothing more than data — numbers indicating variations of red, green, and blue at a particular location on a grid of pixels” (Processing).

If the image is censored, then the pixel becomes a boundary/block of information. Pixilation is the representation of blocked information.

Mute information= activities such as: listening to banned local radio and using a cellphone that is being monitored by the government. A person that is in hiding interacts with their surroundings in more minute and discrete ways such as tapping on walls, fetal positions/curled up in a hidden rooms.

The wall is a datacenter, an archive of this mute information.  Datacenters are housed in abandoned office parks and shopping malls.

The wall then, has moments where it breaks from pixilation, which is the rendering of activity in open space mute, into an open space, with the pixilation becoming two dimensional.


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