A Response to Blurs, Blots and Clouds

“It is only when the viewer is unable to see clearly, when she sees only partially, or peripherally, or hazily, that the limitations of vision become apparent. The object’s obscurity, its indeterminacy, required completion by the viewer’s imagination. And in this, the blur turned the question of vision back to the subject…. modern vision was defined not as looking at, but seeing through: the blur reconfigured modern aesthetics as an immersive, self-reflective experience.”

The blur can actually be pulled apart, dissected, analyzed, and be mechanized in the form of a responsive surface. My interest lies in not “the limitations of vision” as represented by the blur but what is really happening; it is recording repetitive activities, hidden sequences and activities, that are masked from view by a higher power. The “blur” that I am after is that of censorship, and the real confusion is between the static being interrupted by controlled chaos.

The experience is reflective of activity that is quick, reactive, as well as subtle and covert. It is a glitch in the system that is not soft or hard but a weird combination of both.


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