How Does this Work?

How Does this Work? from Leslie Baz on Vimeo.

So after having done a lot to the Grasshopper definition, I am now left wondering, how does this actually work?

What is being shown here is that when the location of x on a part of the exploded grid lines is moved (which looks like the pin getting smaller/larger), it affects the height of the ribs, to the point of them being completely flat.

What I want to figure out next is how to control this factor with a parameter directly involving the web cam feed, not by adjusting of the number slider. What I also want to figure out is how to start with a flat rib—- as in a rib that has no height.

The general structure of the definition is that a single part of the grid is what makes these ribs moves, like the domino effect. There is one point that exerts on/affects all the other points.


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