Paz: protomodel interaction

Standing 3 feet from my laptop’s camera, I am waving my arms. The image on the laptop screen is the web cam feed, and the movement is filtered in white. My grasshopper definition translates this visual info to a rotation angle that is fed to the motors, which have ribs attached to the motor arms.

Next step is to add more joins/arms and have the movement on both sides of the wall protomodel.

Adding more servos= more boards and more power


Screenshot 2015-03-14 23.44.21


Crucial to using more than one board with firefly is adding an additional open port and using the list component to isolate each COM port from the arduino. Using multiple boards prevents crashing and having to reset the ports.

The next step is to use an external power source to power more than 4 servos and possibly getting the two arduino boards to talk to each other, with one sending the information to the other.

Parametrizing the Scale Factor

Parametrizing the Scale Factor from Leslie Baz on Vimeo.

Answered my question: the line highlighted in green, and the location of the end point which is most deformed by the web cam feed information, is what ultimately controls the scale factor of the pin.

The pin is now becoming less of an actual pin to more of a location of a point in the x direction on the grid, which determines the intensity of the height of the ribs.

Getting closer to understanding how this might be put together in a prototypical model.